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Red Thread Charities conducts medical trips to China in the spring and fall every year. The purpose of the trips is to screen the children in order to document their medical diagnosis and to make recommendations for additional medical tests, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. In addition, we train the orphanage staff so that they are able to better evaluate and work with the children throughout the year.

We are always interested in recruiting volunteers for future trips!

Volunteers are needed with the following backgrounds:

• Pediatric physical therapists

• Pediatric occupational therapists

• Registered nurses

• Pediatricians or family practice physicians

• Special education teachers

• Speech therapists

For more information, please contact Jane Steinmetz, Medical Director for RTC.

All of our volunteers pay their own way to China. Many of our volunteers have been on every trip. Our friendly guides and interpreters make it easy and worry free. It is a privilege to work with the beautiful children in China’s orphanages, and an experience of a lifetime to witness the beauty and culture of China from an insider’s perspective.